Les Caprices D’Alix – Dry Rosé Gaillac

Les Caprices D’Alix – Dry Rosé Gaillac



So 7.00€ the bottle

Beautiful pale pink color
Fruity nose with notes of English candy and lemon. Tart and lively mouth with aromas of exotic fruits. A subtle and soft dry rosé.

What is rosé wine?

Red grapes are often harvested mechanically. After being put in the vat, the grapes macerate for a certain period of time which can vary. This is intended to color the juice by the migration of coloring anthocyanins from the grape skin to the must. At the optimal moment, a part of the juice is drained from the tank which separates it from the solid part. The vinification is based on the same principle as for white wines. The rest of the must continues the maceration to give red wine.

Grill, cold cuts

50% Syrah / 50% Duras

100% Clay-limestone

2 years