Alix and Romain from the Château de Terride are happy to welcome you to their estate at the gateway to the Grésigne forest, where authenticity, chic and delicacies are combined.
A vineyard in the Tarn located in the middle of the woods and completely out of the heart of the Gaillacois vineyards.


Alix, a proud winemaker of her heritage
Passionate about beautiful architecture, Alix restores and embellishes this castle that she has lived in and known by heart since the age of 20. From the vineyards to the cellar, this place is his Proust’s madeleine. She remembers those family harvests that ended up making her want to be a winemaker…
At the origin of the association “Les Z’elles Gaillacoises”, she contributes today with her winegrower friends to the safeguarding of the pigeon lofts of all her territory.
Fully aware of the exceptional environment of the Château de Terride, with protected areas and even Natura 2000, Alix has also forged a philosophy that guides her work and more broadly her life: “to leave a mark of beauty and wisdom rather than a scar”.


Romain, a gastronome in love with beautiful tables
If Alix is passionate about vineyards and wine, Romain is crazy about cooking and the arts of the table.

It is the other side of the field. Lover of good things and true moments, Romain is an epicurean who likes to share and please by cooking. He regularly organizes culinary events called “La Table de Romain”. On these occasions, great chefs join him, gastronomic combinations are imagined with Alix’s wines and the large room of the Château is transformed into a temporary restaurant for ” suspended moments “.
During the open house of the Château, at Easter and in November in particular, but also during the summer evenings, Romain never forgets to delight the taste buds of the visitors who come to discover the 

gardens, the vineyard or the cellar.
His motto: “Shared pleasure is the true cradle of emotions”.
But Romain hides many other talents: from his previous jobs, antiques and metalwork, he draws a certain taste for elegance and interior design. 
This is how he set up a gîte for 14 people in the middle of the vineyards, La Maison de Romain.

Logo Agriculture Biologique


Fully aware of the exceptional environment of the Château de Terride, obtaining the HVE label (High Environmental Value), was the right return of a daily work, in the respect of the vines and their place of nature (exceptional biodiversity), but also the starting point of the conversion of all the domain in organic farming which ended on August 15, 2022 by a definitive labeling


In order to produce more and more pure and fruity wines, it is quite natural that Alix turned to egg maturation.
The eggs are in fact ovoid tanks of 11Hl in polycarbonate.
Alix already owns 14 of them, and has been maturing her exceptional vintages for 3 years.
For a few years, Alix has been moving towards purer and more unadulterated winemaking, where the natural taste of the grape is exhausted.
This is why the abandonment of oak barrels in favor of eggs was a natural choice.
The oak barrel allows a controlled oxygenation of the wine, which is favorable to its aging. But on the other hand, it also flavors the wine with a woody taste.
This is not the case with the egg.
The oak barrel loses its porosity over the years and must be renewed every 5 to 6 years.
By buying eggs, Alix feels that she is being more eco-responsible by not participating in the cutting of French forests for the manufacture of barrels.


Our Cuvées

In addition to the classic vintages made with Syrah, Duras or Braucol, Alix has moved away from the traditional grape varieties of the Gaillac appellation by planting Grenache or Viognier.
These “caprices” have given their name to generous, daring and modern vintages, not without a link to the personality of the winemaker …


Discover the vineyard in the Tarn, the estate and its wine

We welcome you from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 18:00.
Many activities are proposed to you.

cellar visits
Botanical trail
picnic basket
Aperitif concert
Ephemeral restaurant
One day’s harvest