Gaillac – Château – Ancestral method rosé

Gaillac – Château – Ancestral method rosé


Ancestral method BOX OF 6

So 11.00€ the bottle

An ancestral method vintage with a beautiful pale pink color
Pleasant nose with aromas of raspberry and cherry. Lively mouth marked by a fine and regular gas release. This wine can be enjoyed as an aperitif or with a dessert.


Gaillacoise method
The ancestral method or the Gaillacoise method consists in bottling this sparkling wine early. This is done before the end of the fermentation. The wine becomes sparkling in a natural way, because the fermentation has finished in the bottle. The type of wine is determined: brut, semi-dry or sweet according to the residual sugar level.

Aperitif, dessert

100% Duras

100% Clay-limestone

2 years

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